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Our discipline.  Your lifestyle. Our credentials.  Your family. Our independence.  Your retirement. Our experience.  Your legacy.

What makes our approach comprehensive?

Is it our proprietary TrendWise approach to managing your money?
Is it our 85 years of combined experience?
Is it our high-touch relationship with you?

You might find the answers in this short video.

All investing involves risk including loss of principal. No strategy assures success or protects against loss.

Robert A. ''Rocky'' Mills, MBA


Your Lifestyle
Your Family
Your Retirement
Your Legacy

At Westlake Investment Advisors, we manage the wealth of several dozen successful families.  While each family has achieved their success in different ways and are at varying stages in life, they tend to have similar wishes:

  • They like the lifestyle that their wealth affords them.  They’re millionaires – they have no desire to become “thousand-aires.”
  • They want to take care of their family, enjoy their retirement and leave a meaningful legacy.
  • They’re willing to take some risk, but they want to avoid crippling losses.
  • They want to work with an advisor who understands them, cares about them, puts their interests first, communicates well with them, and is always available for them.  In short, they want a relationship with an advisor that they trust.  

I’ve been that trusted advisor since 1978. 

Experienced.  Credentialed.  Disciplined.  Independent.

Our Relationship

Our first priority is helping you take care of yourself and your family.

We accomplish this by learning all we can about your personal situation.  We'll chat about...

  • Your dreams and goals
  • Your worries
  • Your current financial picture
  • Your tolerance for risk

It's an ongoing dialog, which we update as your situation changes. This constant communication between us forms the foundation of our long-term relationship, and guides our investment decisions.

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