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    The TrendWise Portfolio:   Guiding Principles


            Asset Allocation          How Much Stock Should Be In Your Portfolio?

            Avoiding Losses         A Simple Quiz to Understand The Arithmetic of Losing

            Avoiding Losses         Are You Trend Wise?

            Avoiding Losses         Dealing with Stock Market Risk

            Avoiding Losses         Duration--Measuring How Interest Rates Affect Your Bond Values

            Avoiding Losses         How to Measure Stock Market Pain: Introducing 'Drawdown'

            Avoiding Losses         It Was the Best of Times, It Was the Worst of Times

            Avoiding Losses         What's Your Strategy for the Next Downturn in the Market?

            Avoiding Losses         Why Do Most Bonds Lose Value As Interest Rates Rise? What's The Alternative?

            College Costs             March Madness Colleges Cost $200K

            College Costs             Turn Your Kid Into A Roth Child

            Estate                          Can I Name A Beneficiary for My Investment Account?

            Estate                          Could Your Ex Get Your IRA or Your Life Insurance When You Die?

            Estate                          Do You Still Need An “A-B” Trust?

            Estate                          Heir Conditioning

            Estate                          What Happens to Your Digital Stuff When You Die?

            Finance                       10-Question Quiz on the New Tax Law

            Finance                       Checklist: Helping Aging Parents with Their Finances

            Finance                       Helpful Financial Websites

            Finance                       How Long Will It Take for Your Money to Double? Use The 'Rule of 72'

            Finance                       Income vs Yield

            Finance                       Inflation: What Does It Mean for You?

            Finance                       Not All Yields Are Created Equal

            Finance                       What's Your Financial IQ?

            Finance                       What's Your Financial IQ? -- Answers

            Math Fun                     Can You Digit?

            Retirement                  3 Mistakes to Avoid with Inherited IRAs

            Retirement                  Borrow from 401K?

            Social Security           82 = The Answer

            Social Security           Social Security Income Crossover

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