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What does independence mean for you?

  • We don’t have a corporate master. Our master is you.
  • We have the autonomy to choose the most appropriate investments and objective research for you.
  • No more “invasions” from the firm trying to sell you something.
  • New services for you, such as:
    • Legacy Lock – rest assured that your loved ones will have access to all your financial matters after you’re gone (but, by design, not before).
    • The ability to blend different investment strategies (for example, growth and income) within the same account.
  • More of Lin! Lin Anschultz has been working her client service magic for 43 years and has spent the last 25 years (putting up) with me.  Now her time will be spent exclusively with clients of Westlake Investment Advisors (you!).

But independence doesn’t mean we’re going it alone. 

Westlake Investment Advisors is aligned with LPL Financial.

  • LPL supports over 16,400 independent advisors and financial institutions across the country, making them the largest independent broker-dealer in the country.1 LPL currently holds over $760 billion in clients’ assets.2
  • LPL provides a broad array of financial products and services, including:
    • stock and bond trading
    • mutual funds and ETFs
    • objective recommendations
    • state-of-the-art technology, including robust online account access
  • LPL’s business model is simple: support the needs of its advisors.  No other distractions.  Specifically:
    • They do not engage in market-making activities
    • They do not engage in proprietary trading for their own account. Their trading activities are focused solely on facilitating trades for their advisors’ clients (you), and not on speculative trading for the firm’s own account.
    • They have no exposure to mortgage-related investments or securities.
    • They do not provide loans to hedge funds or other speculators.
  • LPL has twin headquarters – one in Boston and one in San Diego – to provide you with better service across time zones.

  1. As reported by Financial Planning magazine, June 1996-2019, based on total revenue.
  2. As of 12-31-2019, per